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Send High Volume Transactional and Marketing Messages

Our SMTP service is easy to integrate into your high volume sending applications and allows you to bypass ISP, web and email hosting restrictions.

SMTP hosting plans start at $59.95 per month

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SMTP Hosting

High Volume Sending Service

Restricted by your current provider or looking for reliable outbound SMTP for your sending application? Greatmail SMTP hosting is an easy to use outbound mail service that integrates into your sending application. Continue to send using your preferred client or server side mailing application and simply connect to our SMTP servers to send your messages. Our SMTP hosting service is suitable for sending out transactional messages, email marketing campaigns and most other high volume applications.

Transactional and Marketing

Our SMTP service comes in two varieties — Transactional and Marketing. When you sign up for service, you will need to select one or the other depending on the type of messages you are sending. To set up a split SMTP account for both marketing and transactional sending, contact us.

SMTP in Minutes

Our SMTP hosting plans are perfect for organizations that need a cost effective solution to circumvent SMTP restrictions at the ISP, email host or application server. All you need to get started is to plug in our SMTP authentication settings into your application or provide us with your originating IP address(es). We also provide support configuring DKIM and SPF records in your DNS. For immediate start-up, you can opt to use our return-path address for automatic DKIM signing.

Our Position on Spam

In accordance with our zero tolerance Anti-Spam Policy, Greatmail's SMTP hosting is a tightly regulated service. Greatmail supports permission-based sending, and customers must adhere to CAN-SPAM guidelines. Please carefully review our Terms of Service agreement and be sure that you understand and accept our terms of use before signing up for an account.