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Easy Integration

Sign up for an account and we will send you a user name, password and server name to plug into your mailing application.

Sender Authentication

SMTP hosting includes SPF validation and DKIM signing without having to make advanced changes in your DNS.

Your Identity, Our SMTP

Your messages sent through our SMTP hosting servers will display your preferred From and Reply-To addresses reinforcing your brand and identity.

Return-Path Hosting

Optionally use your SMTP account as the message Return-Path and manage your bounces directly from our servers.

IP Reputation Management

We closely monitor our IP addresses and carefully screen new clients to ensure all senders adhere to SMTP best practices including bounce removals, one-click unsubscribe links and general CAN-SPAM compliance.

Feedback Loop Management

Our system automatically unsubscribes addresses of recipients who report your messages to the major ISPs.