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It's Your Business

Keep your email in the cloud, download messages to your computers or do both. You've got options for how you handle your emails and can change your configuration any time.

Access Your Email Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you use popular client applications like Outlook, wireless devices, or webmail, you can stay connected anywhere you go.

Stay Synchronized

Keep your email messages in sync between Outlook, webmail and mobile devices. Compatible with all POP3 and IMAP compatible applications and devices including Outlook, Thunderbird, Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Mobile. Groupware Edition includes support for Exchange ActiveSync & CalDAV/CardDAV allowing synchronization of calendars and contacts across mobile devices, desktop clients and webmail.


A simple DNS setting lets our servers automatically configure your users in Outlook with just their email address and password.

Web Based Administration

Manage your email accounts including vacation messages, forwards, aliases, adding new accounts and changing passwords using our web based admin panel.

End User Controls

Enable your users to manage their individual account settings through webmail including password changes, forwarding, vacation messages, spam filtering, whitelisting and blacklisting.

Email Security

Connect securely with SSL and TLS encryption for POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and the webmail client.


No content scanning for advertising, identity tracking or third party marketing.

Advanced Protection

Your email is protected by up to date, state of the art antivirus and spam filtering.

Start Small, Scale Up

Plans are sold in blocks of 5 mailboxes with a minimum requirement of 15 mailboxes. At $1 per mailbox, our entry level plan is $15 per month giving you 15 mailboxes.

Cloud Storage

10 or 25 GBs per mailbox.

Multiple Domains

Manage mailboxes for multiple domains within a single admin panel.

Expert Support

When you need admin support, you can reach us by phone, email and online ticketing. Our contact form notifies dedicated support agents around the clock. An early player in email hosting, we have over 10 years experience helping clients of all sizes.


When you need to connect from a remote location, just log into our user friendly webmail to check your mail.

Additional Options

If you are an existing client and want to learn more about these additional options, please contact your account manager. If you are a new client, please get in touch with our sales team.

  • Bcc Archiving - Simple, cost effective internal archiving solution
  • Email Archiving - Advanced, HIPAA compliant email archiving
  • Email Consulting - If you require more than the standard admin to admin level support, our email consulting support contracts include a minimum number of hours and incidents each month
  • Web Hosting - Application and web hosting available
  • Bulk Sending - If you need to send email marketing or transactional messages, check out our high volume SMTP hosting service.

If you have any questions about these features, please contact us for more information.