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Email Servers

Whether you need an SMTP server for a web based application, plan to build a multiple server configuration with load balanced clustering or simply require a standalone corporate mail server, our email servers are an affordable starting point and can be scaled as needed.

Our entry level email server is optimized for high volume SMTP and is suitable for high volume transactional or marketing SMTP. Combine transactional and marketing sending on the same server by adding a second IP address and designating different IPs for each task. Our second server offers increased performance and is geared towards clients wanting to host their email application and SMTP relay from a single machine. Our highest caliber server delivers the fastest SMTP service available from a standalone machine and can be configured with multiple outbound IP addresses.

Email server clustering is a popular and affordable solution for groups that need optimal reliability and delivery rates. By clustering 2 or more email servers and creating process specific server clusters, messages can be routed by type from your sending applications to various SMTP nodes resulting in more efficient mail handling and improved email delivery rates.