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Case Studies

Business Sector: Retail
Greatmail Service: Email Hosting
Number of Users: 150

Regional grocery store retailer with multiple stores and a central corporate office uses Greatmail's basic POP3/IMAP email hosting service. Managers working remotely and at multiple locations take full advantage of the IMAP service which stores messages on the server and allows for synchronization between laptops, desktops and handheld devices. At the corporate headquarters, executives and staff use full featured Outlook to connect to their mailboxes. At store locations, Greatmail's easy to use webmail interface is a fast and efficient method for employees to receive and review company communications.

Business Sector: Industrial
Greatmail Service: Exchange Hosting
Number of Users: 40

Maritime design firm looking to provide Office 365 hosted exchange to its team uses Greatmail's Exchange hosting service. Administrators are able to manage mailboxes and services through Office 365 portal giving users full-featured Exchange without the hassle and responsibility of managing Exchange on-premises.

Business Sector: Real Estate
Greatmail Service: SMTP Hosting
Messages per Month: 500,000

Software developer representing national network of real estate brokers uses Greatmail's SMTP hosting service to manage the delivery of high volume transactional messages sent by realtors to their clients. Greatmail provides sender authentication technologies including DKIM and SPF using the client's preferred domain, actively monitors SMTP IP reputations, and provides an automated unsubscribe service for feedback loop complaints to ensure continued delivery success to the major ISPs.

Business Sector: Ecommerce
Greatmail Service: Email Infrastructure
Messages per Month: 18M

Internet developer managing multiple online brands and web sites looked to Greatmail for a solution to reliably and cost effectively manage the delivery of their steadily increasing volume of marketing and transactional messages. Greatmail designed and deployed a dedicated infrastructure using task specific server clustering, load balancing and multiple SMTP IPs. The result has been a highly scalable email infrastructure that easily allows for the client to send their campaigns without having to worry about technology shortfalls.

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