Reseller Email Hosting, Private Label Solutions

Leveraging a third party for email doesn’t mean compromising brand or identity. Email resellers both large and small can wholly outsource their email offerings and at the same time offer a fully branded, “private label” email solution through Greatmail’s reseller service.

Greatmail’s email hosting platform includes spam and virus protection, webmail, POP3 and IMAP support as well as a range of customization options to facilitate private labeling.

Admin Panel and API

Resellers can manage their email accounts manually via an admin panel or through an API (application programming interface). The API lets developers provision mailboxes, change passwords and make other account modifications from their own application server and development environment.

The admin panel is geared towards the email reseller who manages a group of domains and a limited number of overall mailbox users. A common scenario is a web developer or consultant with 10-15 domains and 5-25 mailboxes per domain.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the reseller managing upwards of 10K mailboxes and greater. This reseller typically does not use the admin panel and instead uses the API to manage user accounts.

Private Label Considerations

In the reseller email hosting space, the term “private label” refers to the resellers’ ability to brand the email service for their customers. At Greatmail, a standard reseller account includes one private label webmail. Basic changes including logo placement and color adjustments allow the reseller to closely match the look and feel of their existing brand in the webmail interface.

Taking private label a step further, Greatmail can provide branded registration and support pages for the reseller.  User registrations can be single or double opt-in verified and registration data can be stored in a demographics database.

Resellers can also choose to commoditize the email service through advertising (targeted email marketing or more traditional banner ads).  For ad-free email, the reseller may choose to charge their users for use of the service and credit card payments can be collected as part of the registration.

Annual renewal notifications can be triggered automatically, and accounts that are not renewed can be locked via a system generated password change.  A password restore or reset can be similarly handled automatically upon payment.

Advanced Features, POP3/IMAP and SSL

Resellers can choose to support POP3 and IMAP allowing their users to connect to their accounts via mail client applications like Outlook.  Or they can limit service to webmail access only.

For more secure connections between users and the server, SSL can be mandatory or optional. Greatmail offers private label SSL for webmail and POP3, IMAP and SMTP server connections in mail clients.

Reseller email hosting is useful for any individual or entity looking to outsource an email offering. Private labeling can be minimal or extensive depending on the unique requirements of the reseller.