SMTP Hosting Sign Up

When signing up for SMTP Hosting at Greatmail, in addition to selecting the number of monthly sends, there are 2 preferences you must select to ensure your account is provisioned correctly — 1) Type of Sending and 2) Campaign Manager.

The first option pertains to Marketing or Transactional type sending.  If you are not sure what type of messages you are sending, please read about the difference between marketing and transactional sending types. If you need to send both types of messages, please select Marketing and notify Support that you need to send both marketing and transactional messages. A split SMTP account will be generated meaning you will have 2 sets of SMTP authentication settings to plug into your application(s), one server name for marketing and another for transactional.

The second option, Campaign Manager, defaults to No and the radio button to select Yes is unlit or disabled.  If you select the Marketing account type option, the radio button to select Yes becomes active and increases your order by $30 per month.

Campaign Manager is only available for marketing type accounts and selecting this option will generate a login to our web based campaign management system.


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