Announcing Release of Greatmail Billing Portal

This month marks the release of the Greatmail Billing Portal. Powered by Chargify, the Billing Portal consolidates legacy and new customers into a single payment system allowing customers to self-manage subscription payments, access receipts online and edit billing payment profiles and contact information.

Chargify is a leading provider of SaaS billing and recurring payments. Beginning in February 2022, all Greatmail monthly and annual credit card payments will be processed through the new billing system.

Chargify’s billing application works on top of our existing payment gateway so no action on your part is required.

Important Changes

Managing Your Billing – As in the past, you will continue to receive email notifications with secure links to update your card information. However, the Billing Portal website allows you easy access to your account billing information from our home page at through the Support menu.

Signing into the Billing Portal will allow you to access payment receipts and update your credit card details without having to contact Support.

You may also access the Billing Portal directly at:

Admin Panel – A link to the Billing Portal can also be found in the admin panel under Support / Support Docs.

Please note that the Billing Portal is a separate entity from the Email Administration Panel. Being signed into the email admin panel does not automatically grant access to the Billing Portal. You will need to follow the same steps, entering your billing email address, receiving the secure email and accessing the link to your billing portal pages.

Accessing the Billing Portal – To access the Billing Portal, you will need to enter the administrator email address for your account and be able to receive an email containing a secure login link at that email address.

Chargify links to Greatmail specific management pages are time sensitive but can be regenerated at any time by entering your billing contact email in the Billing Portal login form.

Receipts – We are no longer able to generate email receipts for transactions. However, you can access all receipts posted after January 2022 in the Billing Portal. For transactions posted prior to February 2022, you may contact support for email copies of those receipts.

The billing portal contact information should be the individual who manages the payment details for your account.  Please make sure the primary email address is actively monitored as all Billing Portal notifications including declined payments, card expirations and renewal notifications will be sent to that email address.