Protect Yourself from Email Viruses and Malware

Email viruses and malware are constantly evolving which makes it difficult if not impossible for even the best rated antivirus and spam protection programs to keep on top of emerging threats.  The last line of defense is you!  Here is a list of dos and don’ts for anyone who handles email messages.


  • DO Use common sense and best judgement when deciding to click on a link in an email, open an attachment or reply to a message.
  • DO Call senders using trusted phone numbers if you have any doubt about the authenticity of messages they may (or may not) have sent to you.
  • DO Look for suspicious characteristics like missing signatures or odd greetings when deciding how to process an email from a known sender.
  • DO Contact your IT help desk, office manager or supervisor to review any questionable messages you are not sure about handling.


  • DON’T Open any attachments or click on any links contained within suspicious emails.
  • DON’T Assume that just because a message states it’s from a particular sender that the message is genuinely from that sender.
  • DON’T call any new or strange phone numbers contained in a questionable email, even if the message appears to be from someone you know.

Greatmail provides antivirus and spam protection at the server level for its email hosting customers, but highly recommends that users also protect their desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices with antivirus software.

What kind of protection against 0-day malware attacks does your client side antivirus provide? Or looking for antivirus for your computer(s)? AVTest provides independent testing and analysis of major security programs for mobile, home and business users.


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