Greatmail Restructures Entry Level Reseller Email Hosting

Updated December 1, 2023 with new pricing.

Greatmail has modified its reseller email hosting platform moving away from a shared system with per mailbox pricing in favor of a dedicated infrastructure model with fixed monthly costs.  Resellers have been an important part of Greatmail’s growth since 2003, and this move gives resellers a sustainable model to manage their domains and mailboxes with greater control and scalability.

Instead of charging a monthly cost based on the total number of mailboxes on their plan, resellers now start off with a standalone, dedicated IP server with pricing fixed at $295 per month. This plan includes a basic storage option that can be upgraded to include scalable storage sold in TB blocks.

Resellers may add servers, storage and load balancing as needed to their hosting setups and cost effectively manage mailboxes and domains for multiple thousands of users without suffering from performance or reputation issues that often impact shared systems. Reseller email hosting pricing items and options are outlined on the updated reseller email pricing page.

Greatmail’s technology partners fully manage the reseller infrastructures which are powered by Linux operating system, Postfix mail transfer agent, Dovecot, Roundcube webmail and MySQL databases.

Existing resellers may continue to manage their email hosting accounts without switching to the new reseller model or may contact Greatmail support to learn how they can transition to the new reseller system.

For more information, check out Greatmail reseller email hosting.