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Email Transition Instructions

While moving to a new email hosting provider is indeed a major change, we are here to ensure that the transition goes smoothly. The steps below are intended to provide guidance during your transition to our hosting platform. By following these steps and discussing with your dedicated account manager any unique details related to your email, your migration will be as seamless as possible.

1) Sign up — Select a hosting plan or contact Greatmail to configure a plan for your group. Upon receipt of your hosting order, we will provision your domain on our network and configure your web based admin panel.

2) Add Mailboxes — Sign in to your web based administration panel and add your mailboxes on our network. You can also send us your list of users in an Excel spreadsheet and we can import your addresses.

3) Add Accounts in Client Programs (Optional) — Add new accounts in Outlook, Thunderbird etc. that connect to the new server. By having accounts that check both your old and new mail servers, you will make sure all mail is downloaded to your mail clients.

4) Update DNS — Edit your domain MX record to point to our mail servers. We generally recommend making this change any day after 5 PM or if possible Friday evening. While MX records generally propagate on the internet within an hour, some ISPs may take 24-48 hours to update. During the DNS update, mail will go to accounts on either the old or the new server. If you followed Step 3 above, your mail clients will retrieve all messages during the transition.

5) Modify Accounts in Client Programs — If you did not follow Step 3, you will need to modify the settings of your client accounts to download mail from the new server. Please note that by editing your client settings to connect to the new server, you will no longer be checking your old server for messages. Please check your old server via your old webmail or follow the instructions in Step 3 describing 2 accounts that check both old and new servers.

Timing the Transition

Your migration steps will be determined by what time of the week you prefer to make your MX record change.

Any Time - Steps 1, 2, 3, 4 can be done at any time day or night as your users will actively check old and new servers during the DNS update.

Weekend - Steps 1, 2, 4, 5 are suited for Friday night MX record changes. On Monday morning, users will download any mail that was delivered to the old server and should be instructed to edit their client application settings to connect to the new server moving forward.


The most important factor in migration is to ensure that accounts are set up on both servers prior to editing your DNS MX record. Even if you don't have your client applications configured to download mail from both locations, mail will not be lost as long as there are mailboxes on both old and new servers. Talk to your account manager about any concerns you have. We are here to help in any way we can.